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Guys, it's official. White Collar is my new favorite show. I finally got around to watching it during the marathon last week and last night's episode has cinched it. I'll go into more depth later but right now here's two gifs of Diana because I'm in love with her and that picture of Peter. If you saw the episode last night you know what one I'm talking about.

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Jun 29 10 - A-TEAM IS LOVE
So I saw the A-Team and it is so much fun. I adored it and am sad that it's not doing so well in the theaters. For other's who liked the movie I have created anewteam, a community dedicated to the movie.
Apr 29 10(no subject)
I nao haz a tumblr! Let's see if I actually remember to keep up with it. I already barely use my twitter. lol
Mar 24 10 - LOST! [lost]
New second favorite episode evah! (The Constant remains #1)

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